4mm Smoothskin or 5mm Aerodome specification available in sizes from 8-10years. Prices start from £125 for kids 4mm smoothskin suit £175 for adults to £275 for full 5mm AeroEliteSuit specification!


The little devils suit for 8-10yrs or 10-12yrs in stock now but flying off the shelf......

Ring 07739853122 for more information or to book your purchase. 50% deposit and 50% on collection. 

A selection of sizes available to try on and even swim in before you buy

Now its here....... The very comfortable, flexible, lightweight suit with all the buoyancy that you require for your personal swim style. Fast exit technology with pull up to open zipper and super light flex lower leg section for easy kick off. Shoulder, lat, bicep panels in super light-flex section to allow full movement without restriction and a concept design mid chest "easy-breath" panel to alleviate that panic, anxiety feeling that you might get from tight fitting inflexible suits!. Wrist lock and forearm catch panels designed to allow smooth flow arm entry with maximum feel for the water and maximum propulsion. Snug fit panel design gives maximum fit around lower back with comfort and movement without compromising hydrodynamics and speed through the water. It's super light, flexible and fast........FLYTE.      

Due to the flexibility of Nanoflex used the suit is designed as uni-sex fit and sizes range from 8-10 years to XL adult. See size and fitting schedule for appropriate suit size. Upper leg and and hip panels 4mm section with snug fit cut and smooth seam stitching and seals for optimum comfort.

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