In Spain . . . the Indalo caves at Velez Blanco near Vera in Almeria, were declared a National Historical Monument in 1924 - and are now a site of UNESCO World Heritage. The Indalo is the symbol of the whole region of Almería and, in particular, a small village pueblo called Mojácar - because of its supposed flirtation with faith-healing, spells, and magic brews over many years. Mojácar, in the southeast corner of Spain, with winding streets and with the warm waters of the Mediterranean lapping at its beach front resort,  is now the adopted home of Indalo Man and you can see the lucky symbol wherever you go - like a little guardian angel representing to many, the local saint, Saint Indalecio whom some say originated the Indalo name. To anyone who visits (tourist OR Spanish), it is the only souvenir to take home - or to send to a friend.   

Tri-It Coaching & Events hosts

Catered (or self catered) training camps in Almeria over the Winter months from December through to April

Swimming pool access, beautiful scenic, challenging rides and road or trail runs.

 Plus home cooked food to suit a variety of tastes and diet requirements                      

Descending from the Velefique, a taster of the multitude of hairpins to tickle your taste buds

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Training for all groups of 2-12. Novice, intermediate, advanced or mixed ability.

Booked access to 8-lane 25m pool for coached swim sessions and swim feedback. Guided rides and vehicle back up. Bike maintenance and hire available, coaching support if required!